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Enterprise Partner:

Our Enterprise Partner channel is designed for banks, platforms, and other large institutions with clients that would benefit from having access to multiple funding & lending sources, offering multiple types of financial products. BizLoans can be white-labeled and customized to fit each organization’s business model. With one simple integration, BizLoans can be distributed to our partners’ affiliates and partners allowing our enterprise partners to offer another form of in-store financing for their merchants and clients.

Affiliate & Referral Partners:

Our Affiliate and Referral Partners channel is for organizations that sell non-financial products to small business or are in the business of lead generation and are looking to better monetize those relationships. This is the perfect channel for organizations that do not have an active financial products sales team and want to utilize BizLoans to improve lead monetization.

Independent Sales Agent (ISA):

Independent sales agents typically work from home or a small independent office. Our ISA channel is designed for both new and experienced individuals who do not have the bandwidth to constantly reach out to dozens of lending partners on each deal, as well as, take on the additional overhead costs of investing in industry leading technology. Through this channel the ISAs get to focus on customer acquisition and maintaining their relationships, by either using our fulfillment center or performing those functions on their own.

Independent Sales Organization (ISO):

An organization with multiple individual sales representatives or brokers is considered an independent sales organization or ISO. This channel is best suited for organizations that know how to sell financial products and want to focus on customer acquisition and relationship building with their clients. We allow our ISO partners to utilize our technology to save time and optimize their closings.



Generate additional revenue streams both passively and actively.


Our automated system provides fast decisions and responses.


Partner's sites can be launched within 24 hrs.


Access to 25+ products across 50+ lenders.


Our team is dedicated to your success and is available to ensure it.


Best-in-class reporting portal giving you access to track each application.


All information is encrypted and protected to the highest standard.


Real-time notifications to keep you informed throughout the deal lifecycle.

No Fees

Use our technology for free, no franchise fees or additional costs.